February 11, 2011

365 . 42 Fibonacci. Jennifer's Amaryllis

1    That's
1    how
2    it bites
3    you.  A lifetime
5    of indifference to photographs unless
8    they captured people you love and then, one
13  winter afternoon, an amaryllis blooms and you, unconscious of the long-term impact, snap
21   a photo.
 21 But wait.  That wasn't the best angle.  It's more beautiful head on.  You can see the pale star on

1    the
1    petals,
2    the way
3    they descend into
5    unfathomable mystery while, low down,
 8   you glimpse a bud and see simultaneously what
13  was and will be; leaving you to wonder if you've captured anything real.

1    You
1    return
2    each day
3    to learn more.

 1    When
1     the
2     lower bud
3     blooms, faith re-enters
5    your life.You yearn for
8    others to feel your thrill, and this time
13   you turn the pot; leaving nothing head-on except the bud, still mostly furled.

1   Try
1   the
2   other side.

1    Or
1    angle
2    the camera
3    a bit downward.
                                                                      by Mary Cartledgehayes


Jenn said...

Most beautiful flower ever I tell ya!

Mary said...

It might be a close tie with the photos I took last year of the naked ladies in the rain. But it is absolutely beautiful, and I love getting to see it as it grew and blossomed more. It's gorgeous from every angle.