February 12, 2011

Fibonacci 43. This Day in Egypt . Revised Feb. 14

This Day in Egypt
February 11, 2011

1    Hail
1    Egypt,
2    full of
3    grace and newly
5    minted freedom.  Democracy is a
8    long and stony road with cliffs, ditches, ruts
13  to slow, to detour and trip up even the strongest of freedom seekers.  Who
21  knows about tomorrow? Today, though, is a day to cry freedom, to laugh freedom, to mourn the dead, to speak peace.
                                                                                 by Mary Cartledgehayes


Jenn said...

Love this but 13 only has 8.

Mary said...

Love you but I cringe every time I see a post from you because I know I miscounted again.