February 10, 2011

365. 41 Fibonnaci. What to Do

What to Do

1   Some/
1   things/
2   are easier/
3   thought than done./
5   Writing a poem a day./
8   Quitting smoking once and for all, permanently, amen./
13  Taking the dogs for a very long walk on a very cold day./
21  Cleaning the carpet washing the dishes changing the linens cooking the ham making potato salad -- all the repetitive trivial daytime chores./
34   Gathering the documentation for taxes; and sorting; and circling; and adding; and listing; and searching the bedroom, the office, the auto, the stacks of magazines for receipts; and then filling out the required forms./
55   I've just read on the blog of a collage artist that she keeps all the images she collects in shoe boxes.  Shoe boxes. What a great idea. I most recently turned to file folders, which are both unsuccessful (too hard to dig out a single page) and space-consuming. Transplanting paper images:  easier done than thought.
                                                                      by Mary Cartledgehayes

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