December 6, 2010

Ready for winter

 The first day of very cold weather, I wrapped Laramie in a fleece scarf, rather like you bundle an infant into a blanket. She wasn't sure it was a good idea.
 But once she realized she could walk in it, all was well.
 Koko, meanwhile, was stretching it out, wondering if we were EVER going to make it outside.
Then it got colder, so I went to Feeder's Supply in search of a coat. I'd suggested to Jennifer that I could perhaps make her a coat, but she said, "Yes, you can make her one. But today go buy one." Sensible, what with it being below freezing and Laramie shivering.
(Koko discussed our slow moving with his best baby.)

Yesterday was even colder, so we bought Laramie a set of booties. If I ever get all four of them on her at once, and they stay on long enough to point the camera at her, I'll take another photo.

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