December 6, 2010

The Hapless Homemaker Strikes Again

 I started at the other end of the house and moved toward the living room.  That explains why my work table is overcrowded.  I also don't yet know where I'm going to stuff the sewing machines so they'll be invisible yet readily available.  Also, see those papers?  They needed attention, which would have interrupted the flow of cleanliness from end of the house to the other.
 This corner is behind the table you saw.  The box is filled with 4 x 6 cardboards cut from cereal boxes, to be used for mail art.  The three pictures are ones I made; the top one is an impressionistic view of Beargrass Creek; the second is a friendly sight for tired eyes; and the third I didn't so much make as cut up a woven pocketbook ten years ago and frame part of it.  The woman with the chicken on her head?  I found her in Philadelphia 20 years ago, and the lamp was beside the dumpster a few weeks ago, lightbulb included.
 I also cut all of the little tabs from the cereal boxes -- the ones used to establish the colors.  Some boxes have, on the inside strip that's glued in place to hold the box together, blocks of color down the strips.  I had a handful of them, and they wouldn't fit in the box with the tabs, so I looked around and found the vase with bow as well as some ivy I'd happened upon recently.  Surprising how nice the colors are, yes?  The tiny yellow box to the right is a clicker that makes Laramie stop what she's doing and find something better to do.
 My sweet little turkey with the sweet little mums, the centerpiece for our table on Thanksgiving.
I told you the kitchen was clean,and I meant it.  That blue thing is the top of the dog's water bottle, and the yellow things are the rubber gloves I'm required to wear and the mess in the far corner is the coffeepot, sugar bowl, two bags of coffee, and a jar of no-calcium Cremora to use each morning until the thyroid pill is absorbed in my system.  (Calcium negates its effect, as does iron.)  That's the tidiest my kitchen counters have been since I left South Carolina.

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