June 28, 2010

Kentucky State Fair's A-coming

My sister Amy -- photograph on Middle Bass in the early 70s -- who would be pleased to know that this morning I printed out the form for entering items in the Kentucky State Fair.  Michael and I are both entering in Photography. I may enter a textile piece and a collage and something in the Upcycled category. I pitched my good box of items found on the ground while walking the dog in a cleaning frenzy, but I suspect I still have a sufficiency.

Amy was one of the judges every year for her county fair in Arizona.  She judged goats, on account of having owned a goat herself, which lived at my parents' house and is commonly thought of as Charlie's goat.  Also, she was friends with a 4-H person who was part of the judge-finding committee.

Last night, I decided to forego eleanorroosevelting and switch to the one-hour-a-day approach to my life, by which I mean my 2009 income taxes.  So far I've spent an hour walking dogs (4 trips all together, and it's not yet noon), and an hour (perhaps longer) with the State Fair project.  I shall now -- I swear to God -- go spend an hour with my taxes.  Send a search party if I'm not heard from within two days.

P. S.  Is the IRS rightly categorized under politics or wildlife? 

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