June 28, 2010

The Goat Itself

David Thomas, some blockhead, Doug Cartledge, and Amy's goat

Daddy, Amy's David, the puppet,and the goat (I think it's Nan, but it may be the goat after Nan, with a name like Violet or Daisy) whom I mentioned in an earlier post.  They're sitting on the back of  the ice car, recognizable because of the absence of doors.  Yes, such cars are driven on Lake Erie when the ice is thick enough.

The one-hour-a-day project is shaping up.  Tax work, laundry, dog stuff, photos posted online, mail art, and now to work on a revision of an essay that I may actually post here later today.


Mrs. Honeycutt said...

:) Love! I've never seen this pic.

Mary said...

When I took it out of the frame to scan it (btw, I'm not sure how it ended up at my house), I found the photo Shirley had given them of Doug, Charlie, and me at Michael Douglas's wedding. Hilarious people.