June 28, 2010

No longer listless

I shall now make a list of things I intend to blog about, including actions to be taken or contemplated or rejected or otherwise addressed. 

1.  Blog about meeting my f irst-cousins-once-removed Jackie (who now calls himself John but Mother will forever refer to him as Cousin Jackie) and Carolyn and their darling life partners Paulette and Steve.  We last met in approximately 1955.  A pile of us walked in the grove of trees beside my parents' house (much shorter trees back then).  I pulled down a branch to look at a bird's nest, and the big boy with us said, "You need to let go of that, because if you touch it the mother bird will find you and peck your eyes out."  In 1998 or so, when we installed a hummingbird feeder, I was sitting on the porch when a hummingbird approached and hovered a few feet from my face, and I sat frozen, wondering if it was going to peck my eyes out.  At last I know the culprit. (Jackie is a year older than Douglas; Carolyn is the same age as Amy.) (All of this is backstory to an absolutely splendid day.)

2.  Blog about Laramie slipping out the door unnoticed on our return from a walk today.  Nobody had hysterics, although she came close. This evening she and Koko caught another possum, Koko getting it by the body, Laramie by the tail, and both pulling it out of the bushes.  They left it on the sidewalk, where it was playing possum, and will continue the game another fine evening. (When they do this, both arrive home panting, tongues hanging out, eyes aglow with the thrill of the hunt and the joy of the catch.)

3.  Decide about sharing a studio and about sharing a book project.  These may not be blogged but need to be addressed.

4.  Take a photo of the turquoise shoes I wore when I accepted the inscribed crystal paperweight and applause for receiving the "Best Columns -- Magazine" award from the Louisville chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.  Figure out some way to photograph or scan the award, too.  Post both on blog.  Decide whether to reveal my snotty attitude toward honorable mentions.

5.  Wrap the silly presents I found on Thursday for the two darling couples I love who got married within the last month.  I sent gifts on Wednesday but Thursday found exactly what each couple needed, in a "Is this stuff worth the postage to mail it?" sort of way.

6.  Bellyache some more about doing my 2009 income taxes and then do the damned paperwork so I can work on the quilt I'm making for a friend.

6.5  Open the envelopes I've received from various medical entities since March. Staple things together and put them into tidy piles. (So far I haven't opened a single one. I'm keeping them all in a green Hallmark bag.)  There is only so much energy on any given day. God knows what I'm doing with mine, but paperwork hasn't been the priority.

7.  Finish that quilt for which I've completed the top so I can make the one for Mother with the Sunbonnet Sue squares Tara found in a box of quilt fabric/squares at a flea market and paid roughly a dollar for, total.

8.  Post the photos I took and blog about my friend Karen's amazing spirit and her studio at the Mellwood Arts Center.

9.  Invite everyone who hasn't already to befriend me on facebook.

10. Flog about how facebook is eating my brain, or at least wasting my time.

11. Download the application to enter photography in the Kentucky State Fair before the July 1 deadline.

With that, I'm off to dreamland.  Been a long day, most of which I spent sleeping off the cousins-once-removed excitement and Laramie drama.

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