June 29, 2010

Mrs. Warther's buttons

I went through all of the Ohio postcards at an indoor flea market a few days ago and came upon Mrs. Warther of Dover, Ohio, who collected over 100,000 buttons in her lifetime.  (This postcard states "50,000 buttons. No duplicates."  Obviously she lived much longer.  Her home is now a museum, where you can see the walls and ceilings of buttons, host corporate events, and buy Warther knives.

My mother sounded a little downhearted when I spoke with her on Sunday, so I'm sending her this postcard today.


dberube-art said...

Love this. What a find!!!

Mary said...

I knoooooow. And that she started doing these amazing designs.... sewing them, according to the museum, onto "boards" -- And did I mention there was not a single duplication??

WEE-HOO said...

She would have liked the Tender Button shop in NYC... that Ray Johnson made the sign for!