November 28, 2009

Familyland Saturday

I'm getting ready to leave Ohio headed home. It was a lovely Thanksgiving Day. I stopped on the way to my brother's house, where the turkey was cooking, to see my parents at my older brother's house. Daddy got a blood transfusion on Monday, and he'd had a nap when I arrived, so he and Mother were both perky. A joy to see them! Later I went on to Charlie's house and caught up with the rest of the gang.

(As it happens, my compadre and Koko stayed home after all. I was moving slowly Thursday morning, and he had appointments on Friday, so the time crunch led to the decision.)

Friday morning we met Michelle, a bright and kind social worker with the Medina County agency who explained all sorts of services available to the aging. (Note: the age for qualifying? 60.) After a time we reached the conclusion that getting around in the winter is hazardous for both of my parents, so she's going to expedite various pieces of the puzzle. Later she mentioned a respite care facility a few blocks away that she said had wonderful staff. I suggested to the boys that while we were all in the same place we pop over and see the place. And there we met our second Michelle of the day, a bright and kind woman who's the administrator of the place. We spent two hours talking with her, and we looked around and got a feel for things. The activity room has a piano and an electric organ; and she said a music therapist comes once a week for a sing-along. Between the two conversations, we're feeling calmer. The wheels are in motion to have plans and back-up plans for any and all eventualities. That and the pumpkin pie mean the stress level is beginning to drop.

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