November 29, 2009


Perhaps it's time to make a list. Prioritize. Create order amidst what feels a bit, shall we say, rumpled.

-Clothes are washing.
-Dishwasher is loaded.
-Sheets are changed.
-Suitcase is unpacked.
-Mail (including 30 or so postcards, some dated a week ago but I haven't made it to the post office for stamps) is in the car.
-I just brought the silly pink Christmas tree from the garage. I'll haul the rest of the Christmas stuff later, but pink tree is so foolish it lifts my spirits.

So -- what else?
-Get manuscript back in mail to mentor-ees tomorrow.
-Get 2010 themes for Today's Woman (we're having attachment issues) and find out if February is a column-less month again this year.
-Call brilliant cartoonist Marie Davis and explain health crises that kept me from reading at the last Day's event.
-Update family address list.
-Mail family address list to family.
-Buy envelopes for mailing.
-Make Cookie Day invitations. (I'd have done this sooner but it was Thursday before I noticed I need to bake cookies this year; and Saturday before we found a date that works in SC.)
-Make Christmas stocking for my pal in Texas.
-Put together and quilt the 3 (4?) quilt tops I put together in August for Christmas gifts. (Not urgent; I've got weeks. Oh, wait: less than a month.)
-Write request to Kentucky Foundation for Women. First figure out which of the two projects will be the most beneficial. [Okay, that's due December 1. It should be second on the list.]
-Find baby clothes Jennifer sent for me to take to Jessie's baby. Put them in car.
-Find quilt I made for Tabatha's Allie so I can take it to SC. Put in car.
-Take stuff I've set aside for Goodwill to Goodwill.
-Be sure not to give Goodwill the baby clothes for Layla or the quilt for Allie.
-Call Terry.
-Call Nancy Hardesty.
-Call Tasha.
-Balance check book.
-Pay bills.
-Close Bank of America account. I've had an account with them for 20 or 30 years, but they've become impossible to deal with in recent months. I can't reach a single human being by telephone AND everyone I know in financial difficulties with a B of A mortgage is getting hostility and indifference rather than support, encouragement, and the assistance the bank is supposed to be providing.
-Change automatic deposits that go in to Bank of America account.
-Scan some of my Holiday for Heroes cards to post on the blog. Find envelope large enough for cards; take to post office; mail on December 1 because the arrival deadline is December 7.
-Return to Midas to get a duplicate receipt because the one they gave me didn't show my current mileage; and the IRS expects to use the mileage noted on receipts FROM SERVICE COMPANIES LIKE MIDAS if they audit you. I'm guessing they haven't informed the service companies. Sooooo then what? Hmmm. Not the IRS's problem. Not the service company's problem. Who does that leave to pay the (inacccurately determined) penalties?

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