November 25, 2009

Adventures in Familyland, part 2

Douglas called at nine this morning to say the social worker is coming to evaluate parental units on Friday at ten, and can I be there? I say yes, followed by a quick-witted "but you have to be there, too." We agreed Charlie must come, too, and we also need Shirley (the love of Charlie's life) there if she will. We need a lot of information, and brain activity waxes and wanes in this sort of stressful time.

I'm not even going to get into how annoyed we are at our sister Amy for dying in 2003, leaving us to handle this situation,when she would have been far better at it alone than the three of us are together.

So I took my Jeep to the formerly Midas place to get the tires rotated and front end aligned (I ran all the hell over a deer the size of Midland, Texas, a few weeks ago). Close inspection revealed 2 broken front axles and 2 leaking back axle seals, grease from which had ruined the brake pads. So that was a lot of fun: six hours and $2454.13 worth. Got there at ten; picked up the vehicle at 6; and am exhausted. During wait, though, I embarked on a third reading, with notations, of the lovely, lovely World War II memoir I'm mentoring a super couple on. It's a fascinating read, with a surprising amount of information I haven't come across before. Also, the couple married on the same day as my parents, which endears them to me.

We're off to Ohio in the morning. Two vehicles, because I need to be there Friday morning and my compadre must be back at work by noon -- and it's a five-hour drive. So the introductory rate of $2454.14 wasn't sufficient expense; we also get to fill two gas tanks for 600 miles round trip. Happy holidays, y'all. Don't let the Berube bugs bite.

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