November 30, 2009

Best. Illustration. Ever.

The wonderful artist Silvia Habib has done it again. Above you see her illustration for my December column in Today's Woman magazine, along with my first of eighteen hint for having a happy holiday season:

"1. Raise your expectations. You deserve a pony this year, whether you get one or not."

But there's more! Because this is what comes next:

"2. Lower your expectations. You aren't getting a real pony. Get over it. (but you can color the one on the other page)"

I've never seen a better example of writer, illustrator, and editors working together. I wrote the piece. Silvia came up with the pony idea. And the editors added that critical line "but you can color the one on the other page." We are totally brilliant, doncha think?

If you live in Kentuckiana, you can get a copy of the magazine at Kroger's, Whole Foods, entrances to hospitals, and a gazillion other places. If you aren't local or aren't mobile, call and order this issue or a year's subscription. (There's a small charge to order a single copy; subscriptions are $18.00 a year.) Today's Woman: (502) 327-8855.


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

If I had a copy of this marvelous magazine I would immediately sit down with a mix of felt tip markers (don't you simply adore felt tip markers?)and color to my heart's content.

Do post a link to the article, when you have one!

Mary said...

My piece isn't online, but if you go to, you can read about the 18 uses for cinammon.