December 3, 2009

I feel a list coming on.

The thing about making lists is that the important things get done before you put them on a list. Then you forget you did them. When you look back at the list, you wonder who the slackard is around here.
What did I get done from last week's list?
--15 Holiday for Heroes cards sent to Red Cross.
--------Family addresses updated, although not yet communicated. Actually, I got it emailed to Aunt Mary, who was asking, but her computer broke down, possibly before she received it. However, my cousin Danny in Italy is going to email Mary's next-door neighbor in England.
--KFW request for funds mailed on the postmark date of December 1, with the help of several friends who responded to my e-mail saying, "Here's the plan. What's the financial payoff?" Remind me to tell you what I learned about micro-lending from the experience.
---------Baby clothes in car for Layla.
--Major delivery to Goodwill -- and I listed everything before I took it, because if I guesstimate I always lowball myself.
---------Made two of the many phone calls I needed to make.
I didn't manage to fire those miserable folks at the Bank of America yet, but it's still on the top burner.
I cleaned out and tidied my closet. Outfits are now arranged per day -- blouse, sweater, jeans --on one hanger. No, I didn't iron anything, but at a glance I can decide what I want to wear.
Important because it was in the 50s/60s here earlier this week and low tonight is to be 31.
I decided I'll continue to put my compadre's shirts on hangers when I take them from the dryer but if he balls them up in a wad and stuffs them in a clothes basket with everything else when he empties the dryer, they can rot before I hang them up.
I learned the other day that my great-nephew Carson, Amy's grandson, has broken up with Sponge Bob Squarepants. His new love? LIGHTNING QUEEN!! from the movie "Cars." And today I found an ornament I bought last year or the year before that has Lightning on it. Carson's going to be a happy boy.

*And now this happy woman is off to pack some more things into the car. Let's all hum a few bars of "On the Road Again."

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