September 21, 2011

Moving Day Week Month Season

As soon as I got home from North Carolina and my grandson's graduation, I started packing full blast.  A move was afoot, from St. Matthews to the outer skirts of Shively.  Both townlets are inside Louisville proper, as is the entire footprint of the county, ever since city and county governments united a dozen or so years ago.

 All Michael wanted was a little bit of lawn to mow. All I wanted was lots and lots of light inside.

Koko and Laramie wanted bunnies to catch glimpses of and to smell the footprints of (paw prints of) every morning.  We have bunnies, of all sorts.

Here it is September -- nearly the end of September at that -- and the moving-in continues. I keep getting letters from a friend in prison, in Louisiana, in the heat of the summer, asking why on earth I chose Shively.  I keep telling him I love Shively, but we don't live there; we live two blocks west, which puts us two blocks closer to an EPA Superfund clean up site than we'd be otherwise. But we have grass to mow and great light and underbrush and bunnies, and we are,at the moment, hilariously happy.

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