July 29, 2011

Laptop woes

My beau confirmed yesterday that of the five computers in the house, the one sending 18,000 spam emails from time to time is indeed my laptop.  I'm taking it today to have its stomach pumped.

While I'm waiting to access the scans on my laptop, here's a picture of the collage I've been working on since February. It's made up on tiny pieces cut from cereal boxes.

I read this morning that Louisville has had several days this summer when the heat index was higher than the heat index in Phoenix, Arizona.  Phoenix is named after the bird that catches fire and burns to death (and later reappears from the ashes). Any city that gives itself such a name is, guaranteed, really, really hot. We're really really hotter here and have gone so far as to lead the nation more than once in temperature spikes this summer.  It's not as much fun as you might think.

Yesterday was highly productive, what with not having a computer.  I prepared 60 or so pieces of mail and also spent hours returning phone calls I've been ignoring since the first of June. I also made three or four doctor's appointments and called a few doctors to get test results from visits in June and otherwise cleared off the large desk in the living room, which today I intend to end up as an uninhabited  plane.  With a few boxes that just won't disappear; odd pieces of furniture tucked here and there; and dozens of pieces of art to be hung, the house, which has elegant open lines, feels crowded.  Flat surfaces with nothing upon them will improve life.  Also, the glass-topped coffee table that I paid far too much for and therefore MUST use -- and which I also love -- is in the living room, proof that progress is being made.

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