July 30, 2011


I just found this fibonacci saved as a draft on one of my other blogs.  I don't know if I posted it here at the time, and the subject remains timely, so here it is.

It's Been Nearly a Year
1 Let
1 us
2 make a
3 list of all
5 that must be done. First,
8 open all the medical bills received since August.
13 Then open all the insurance company statements (called EOBs, for Explanation of Benefits).
21 Correlate the first with the second. Make note of the instances when, after correctly filing a few hundred times, the hospital got
34 a wild hair and billed my secondary carrier first. Go online to the primary carrier's website to verify what claims have been processed. Be unable to sign on. Check the clock to verify the
55 office closed five minutes ago. Make a snarky comment to the dog about it. Get out some extra large paperclips and clip the documents into tidy piles; then stack them neatly. Make a note: tomorrow requires six or ten or fifteen phone calls to clear up mistakes. Remember to sound perky and trusting as you're talking. Remember those feelings are warranted, because you're healthy again.

And people want to sneer and speak of the Affordable Care Act as though that's an insult? Life is not the property of the privileged; that notion went out with the divine right of kings.  Justice requires that the underprivileged be served. If the words "Feed my sheep" or "Care for the widows and orphans" mean nothing to you, then sit down with your calculator and reckon the cost of sickly infants and early death in dollars and cents. Forget decency and human feeling: healthy babies are cheap babies, and early detection is cheap medicine. If people don't matter to you, then count the cash, you effing heretic.

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