April 20, 2011

Last Night's Storm. Fibonacci 90

Last Night's Storm

1     Nearly  /
1     midnight /
2     when I /
3     learned a new /
5    vocabulary phrase:  "rain-wrapped tornadoes."  Where
8    and when did this arise?  How can I
13   not have heard of them before?  And why?  If the universe
21   wants to wrap a tornado in protective batting, why can't it be bacon, or the bodies of the BP Oil, Bank
34    of America, investment brokers who profited highly while screwing middle America? A chicken for every pot would work, too.. Enough with destruction and the Wall Street pigs secretly sucking the public tit dry.

1   As
1    an
2   early Methodist
3    woman said -- perhaps
5    Sojourner Truth -- "Now I don't
8    want any man to die." Just stop, now.
                                             by Mary Cartledghayes

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