April 23, 2011

The Good Stuff Rescue League. Fibonacci 91.

 The Good Stuff Rescue League

1     I /
1     hereby /
2     elect myself /
3     president of The /
5     Good Stuff Rescue League.  Our /
 8    motto:  Save the landfills.
           Dumpsters worldwide cry out /
13   for your support:  "Enough with the lamps, patio furniture, cedar chests, car batteries, /
21  text books, fake Christmas trees, heirlooms from your grandmother, wastepaper baskets, lawn mowers, digital whatevers, wicker baskets, wall hangings, et cetera."

1    Take /
1    your /
2    good stuff /
3    anywhere but Goodwill /
5   Industries, where, up the street, /
8    good stuff meets trash compactor after several weeks /
13  on the shelf.(I could do that myself and save on gas money.)

1    We're
1    having
2    our first
3    membership drive today.
5   Sign up, and you'll get
8   a certificate on copy paper suitable for framing.
13   Oh, picture frames! Dumpsters don't want those, either, nor dog beds nor bicycles.
                                           by Mary Cartledgehayes


Norma Wilson said...

I think perhaps we should buy less stuff to begin with! I will remember that about Goodwill!

Mary said...

I totally agree, Norma. I read on a refurbishing blog a post about updating a 1970s chest of drawers, and the writer wondered why anybody would still have one of those in the house. The culture is still increasing in throwing away.