April 9, 2011

Death and Gangrene Fibonacci 85

Death and Gangrene

1    In
1    an
2    act of
3    deliberate overstepping,
5    today in the face of
8    death and gangrene, I threw out Michael's final
13  pack of cigarettes and all of the ashtrays and all his lighters, too.

1    As
1    I
2    said to
3   my late husband
5   in January, 1999, the next
8   time I see a cigarette in your hand,
13 I'm driving to the nearest airport and taking the next plane out, regardless
21  of destination. By then I'd watched Fred nearly die twice.  I refuse to take part in slow, ugly suicide by cigarette.

1    I
1    can't
2    control a
3    single soul,
5    but that doesn't mean I
8   will watch my life go up in smoke.

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