April 9, 2011

At times like this Fibonacci 86

At times like this

1     At
1     times
2     like this,
3     I think of
5    that movie about the sisters
8    whose mother died with her head in the
13.  stove. Southerners, of course, because they're the nation's agreed-upon crackpots.  I came in
21   at the moment one sister, who'd tried to hang herself from a light fixture, came down the hall, dragging the chandelier
34    behind her by the rope around her neck. Later in the movie, a sister says, "Mama was just havin' a real bad day," and those words held such healing that I've used them ever
55    since when someone I love is gravely ill or dying or dead, and I'm required to say to people, "Pay no attention to the tears splashing down my face."  Sometimes I tell them, "I'm just havin' a real bad day," but other days I have faith enough in humanity to think they'll figure it out.

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