February 6, 2011

Fibonacci SequencePoetry 365 . 36 -- Feb. 5, 2011

Be Sweet Now, Hear?

1    I'm
1    making
2    Valentines for
3    people I don't
5    know who live around the
8    globe. At the same time, lots of rabbits
13  are hopping off to celebrate the start of the Year of the Rabbit..
21   The best mail art I've made is a postcard featuring orange fabric printed with psychotic cats. On the other side of
34   the card, I'm writing, "If there's no bunny, the psycho-kitties ate it on the way."  God knows the mushy, too sweet, all-for-profit pseudo-sentimentality of the day can use a tiny taste of tartness.
                                                                                      by Mary Cartledgehayes

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