February 6, 2011

365. 37 February 6, 1943

February 6, 1943

1    On
1     this
2     day in
3     Detroit, Michigan, USA,
5     a fierce blizzard obscured signs
8     and brought traffic to a halt.  My father,
13   lost in the drifts, called my mother's house for directions to the church.
21   My grandfather, who hated the virile British pilot his daughter was marrying, cackled."Keep driving around.You'll find it eventually." Click.

34   Mother and her friend Muriel shopped for wedding attire. Some bridesmaids wore blue, others pink; formal clothing was in short supply during the war. Mother's wedding gown was lace; her veil. held orange blossoms.

55   Mother walked down the aisle on her grandfather's arm. Her veil brushed the floor. Daddy was in uniform. A photo shows them, barely twenty, devoted, beautiful. Mother said the pastor choked up, nearly crying during the ceremony, shaken by their innocence, their unbounded trust in life beyond war.
       Their trust was well-placed.  Sixty-seven years together.

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