February 15, 2011

Fibonacci 44. February 13, 2011

 The Purple Quilt

1    I'm
1    hand-stitching
2    bits of
3    purple fabric together,
5    a quilt for Nancy Hardesty,
8    who has pancreatic cancer. We've been friends for
13  roughly a quarter of a century, ever since the day she wept upon
21  learning I was the author of a short story she loves.  True friends. When my husband, eighteen months into his terminal
34    illness, wanted me to buy our first vibrator, Nancy went with me to Wal-Mart, showed me options in various departments, and then walked the item through check-out while I hid, scarlet-faced. She's known my grandchildren
55  since they were babies, was a pall bearer at Fred's funeral.
                People tell me that if I used a sewing machine, I could finish more quilts faster.  Why would I choose to do that?  I prefer to do less, and more slowly; to stitch memories as well as fabric; to feel myself living beside Nancy.
                                                                                                by Mary Cartledgehayes

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