January 3, 2011

Statement of the day from The Slow Down Diet by Marc David

I regret to report that this book is a week overdue at the library (yes, I know I can renew online; what's your point?).  I'm not interested in diets or breakthrough programs, but Marc David caught my attention.  How?  He focused on metabolism rather than calories.  Not only that, he used the writers' / public speakers' prerogative; he defined the word metabolism as he understands it.

Most striking was a statement on page 10 of the Introduction, to wit:

"The eight universal metabolizers are:
Relaxation                          Pleasure
Quality                               Thought
Awareness                         Story
Rhythm                               the Sacred."

The words stand traditional theories on their heads.  David's premise is that when our metabolism is working at its best, weight control is a non-issue.  But he doesn't think cutting calories or boosting amount of time on an exercise bike stimulates metabolism; rather, he thinks an aligned life allows each person's metabolism to find its own true level.

Oddly enough, reading this page was a breakthrough for me.  Why?  Perhaps because he names as essential goods to the human body some things I came to understand and respect in the last year and others I've respected for decades.

The remainder of the book examines each of those metabolizers at some length.  I haven't had a chance to read those yet, and I must return the book today; but that paragraph alone was enough to cause an interior shift from frozen to alive.

But now it's time to visit my therapist.  More on this topic later.

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