January 3, 2011

Fibonacci Poetry365. 3. Out of the Dumpster, Endlessly Filling 1

Out of the Dumpster, Endlessly Filling 1

1     Last
1     night
2     out of
3     the dumpster, endlessly
5     filling, sailing across pizza boxes,
8     a Brother laser printer, two Christmas trees (one
13   real, one not), uncounted unopened rolls of holiday wrap, U-Haul crates fighting boxes
21    from amazon.com for pride of place, and sack after plastic sack of garbage, I plucked unburied treasure.  Floating across the detritus
34    of the celebrated sacred day of Jesus' birth rode three jewelry boxes, intact and filled with riches.  I carried them home and spent an hour inspecting the contents.  Let us proceed in numerical order:
55     One watch, crystal broken.  One tie clasp, pseudo-gold.  One set, unused, of London Fog button covers.  One gold chain with one pearl still in the box and marked down to $1.99 from $3.99.  Three religious medals. Four rings, two adjustable, two not.  Five pendants, one of which is a quarter inch sliver of
89     quartz encircled in gold.  Sixteen pairs of earrings, not counting the seven sets of hoops or twenty-two solo voyagers.  Eleven silver charms (my favorites are the griffin, the steamboat, the ram).  Twenty-two brooches interesting enough to intrigue Madeline Albright -- and me.  Why would anyone  throw-- oh, heck, let's be real.  Somebody took revenge; you can almost hear "Oh, yeah?  Well, I'll show you!" over the tinkle of "Eidelweiss" from the largest box. This is how it ends these days, not with fire or rain but with endlessly filling dumpsters.
                                                                      by Mary Cartledgehayes

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