January 24, 2011

The New Art Project

About the time that I started using cereal boxes to make cardboard bases for mail art, I also started cutting out smaller bits from the boxes. Deeply colored top and bottom flaps, the small edge flaps that show the color series (some circular, some square), the occasional quarter-inch inside edge with the color palette (see the narrow piece with the red-orange background above), and a few geometrics that no doubt are set marks for the printing process.  I also have some Nutritional Information pieces and some bar code pieces that are probably not going to survive the cut.

I reached critical mass yesterday and began making a 24" by 40" collage out of these bits. I'm stopping for today because my hands are tired from squeezing the glue bottle. My friend Mary Flowers bought the canvas at Goodwill, didn't like the painting, and covered it with fabric surface design.  Last year, it came to my house to live.However, whatever didn't quite satisfy her didn't quite satisfy me, either, so I chose this canvas for this project. The Zip-lock bags of cereal-box bits are taking up so much space that I knew it was time for the glue-a-thon.

I've attached nearly all of the solid colors, and the canvas is about 3/4 filled. I have a Cheerios box, a Quaker Oats oatmeal box, and an Eggo's blueberry pancake box to cut out; and once those solid colors are glued down, I must decide what comes next. I'm post photos of the early stages soon. Stay tuned.

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