January 23, 2011

Fibonacci Poetry365.22 The Problem with Poetry -- revised

The Problem with Poetry

1    The
1    problem
2    with poetry
3    is that just
5    when you get rolling, trusting
8    what's emerging, you stop to transform today's spaghetti
13  into Monday's spaghetti casserole and to offer the good dog the left-over vermicelli.
21 You are lost now, cast into darkness, amputated from the raw thought steam. Bring on your machete; hack your way home.
                                                          by Mary Cartledgehayes


Jenn said...

8 it's not, 10 it is.

Jenn said...

-2 equals 8 went with this one. It was early.


Mary said...

Oh, heck. Gotta to fix this one.