January 30, 2011

Fibonacci Poetry365. 30 - Let us now love Egypt. Revised Jan 31.

Let Us Now Love Egypt

1     Let
1     us
2     now love
3     Egypt.  Let us
5     love the shouting protesters inundating
8     the streets and surging over bridges, through alleys,
13   across cities crowded with fully armored tanks.  Let us love the soliders in
21   the tanks.  Let us love Hosni Mubarek, the current president; and any replacement who may arrive.  Let us  love the women

34    braving the crowd to voice their ideas.  Let us love Egypt.  Let us love its magnificent history, its gods,Osiris and Isis; its rulers: the Hyksos kings, Tutankhamum, the Ramses, Xerxes, Alexander the Great,

55    the Ptolemys, the Cleopatras.  Let us love the nation for its hieroglyphics, pyramids, obelisks; for the Rosetta stone; for clocks and writing and fractions.  Let us love Egypt, its people and places, inventions and intelligence, creativity and wisdom.  Let us use the only power available in these troubled days, which is to love Egypt, now.

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