January 30, 2011

Fibonacci Poetry365. 29 -- Boycott Whole Foods

                               Boycott Whole Foods
1   Sick
1   to
2   death of
3   winter, I entered
5   Whole Foods. Just inside the
8   door stood pot after pot of huge purple
13   hyacinths, the kind that bloomed at my mother’s house. I thought about the
21   sweet, sweet aroma; approached and breathed deeply, nose to florets, one flower, two, six, each a heady warmth of memory.
34 When I got home and turned on the news, I learned that Whole Foods has advised the US Department of Agriculture that they agree to “conditional deregulation” of genetically engineered seeds, beginning with alfalfa.
55  Monsanto is the bully on the block, demanding change, suing small farmers, shoving its new and better grains down our throats.  Did you know not a single law requires them to tell us what’s been engineered?  They’re afraid we won’t eat it if they do.
                      In reading on this topic, I learned that in 1969
89  Monsanto dumped 45 tons of PCBs into a creek that supplies drinking water to Anniston, Alabama.  For forty-some years, they’d dumped PCBs and also mercury, renowned for its toxicity, into that creek.
        In 1968, I was pregnant in Anniston, Alabama. In 1969, I breast-fed my infant in Anniston, Alabama. All that time, and more, Monsanto was spiking the water I drank. In 2010, I had cancer, and what about my baby?
        Human beings, not the bottom line, are the bottom line. Time to act as though we believe it.

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