January 21, 2011

Fibonacci Poetry 365. 20

 As if Haiti Doesn't Have Enough Problems

1    Baby
1    got
2    back. Baby
3    Doc Duvalier, that
5    is, got back to Haiti,
8    flying in from Paris, where he's lived for
13  twenty-five years.  His goal?  To offer help with Haiti's reconstruction. Or so he
21  says. What has Haiti done to warrant this man's feet on their terrain?  He tortured.  He killed.  He exiled thousands.  He
34  made money off the drug trade.  He sold human body parts for cash. What now can he scrounge from the Haitians?
           A cruel man won't return unless he sees a chance to cause more
55 deaths, beginning with the little deaths of graft, which will breed more corpses. Even the cholera didn't keep him away. What's driving the man? Some say he wants to clear his name of old charges of corruption.  I think he wants to gloat ("See how miserable your lives have become without me?") and perhaps to
89 steal the vote and reign once more as president. There's a rumor the Americans and French would like that ridiculous proposition.Who knows what America wants, but most likely the French just wanted his ass gone.  How dare he show his face? Why dare he show his face? Whatever comes out of his filthy mouth, we know death runs through his veins, and he'll share it with Haitians, again.
         The charges he wants to dispel, Haiti hopes to prove. Somebody tell the devil to open the gates of hell.
                                                                  by Mary Cartledgehayes


Jenn said...

Are you testing me now? Since twenty-five is 1, 13 is 12.

Just what Haitians need more misery.

Mary said...

You're so funny. It only took me five minutes to decode that cryptic first sentence. Problem solved. Thanks for keeping up. I was working after midnight; and also it's a complicated poem. Which doesn't explain my inability to count. xxxooo