January 19, 2011

Fibonacci Poetry 365 . 17 and 365. 18

They're All Like That

1)  Two
1)  blonde
2)  dogs.  What
3)  were we thinking?

365.18  Writing at the Bottom of the Well

1)   If
1)   you
2)  write a
3)  blogpost a day,
5)  eventually you'll reach the bottom
8)  of the well and run dry.  That means
13) you've used up every dusty idea and shiny cliche' in your head. Now
21)  you can begin to write for real. I'm reading a book about the Simpsons, Homer and family. It says the writers
34) throw away the first ten or twelve jokes because they're too easy; anybody could think of them. At fifteen or twenty (the bottom of the well), they begin documenting.  We stop where they begin.

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