November 6, 2010

My Mother Captured a Lion with Her Bare Hands

 Shirley took Ryleigh and Brody over to visit Mother at Meadowview Care Center at the end of last week.  Mom has always been crazy about little boys, and clearly the two of them were having an ecstatic moment -- Mother holding a sweet little blue-eyed boy and Brody bribed to sit still with a piece of chocolate.  I dearly love this photo.
 I also dearly love this one.  Ryleigh was excited all the way into Mother's room, when she decided she was done with this foolishness and no she didn't need her photo taken.  Mother is still grinning and Brody's squirming.  Yes, that's a chicken pillow on her chair.
 The princess with the crooked crown and her lion, who has learned to stand since last I saw him.
And here's the fleece blanket we all traced our hands on back in July.  I finally acknowledged that I was never going to embroider over the ink to preserve the art and mailed it off to Mother. Ryleigh was really excited to show Mother everybody's hand, especially her own.

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