October 11, 2010

Trip Around the World

Terry started chemotherapy last week, so I decided she needed a second quilt just in case there was a lot of upchucking going on.  The title of this quilt is Trip Around the World; and along with it I'm going to be sending Terry a postcard every time I think of it that I've gotten from another country.  (Most of those have come through postcrossing.)

This quilt is the second where I've added a bit of lace for the fun of it.

The bloody thing somehow ended up 45 inches wide and about 9 feet long, so I chopped off the bottom and turned it into a pillow. Laramie, my chihuahua, adores this quilt; every time I sat down to work on it, she was on top of me or on top of a hunk of fabric. Weird little things, dogs.

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