September 9, 2010

Upcycled Art: Temple to a Dying Planet

This is the Upcycled Art piece I entered in the Kentucky State Fair.  In earlier posts you can see that it began as wire holders bolted together to hold up a slab of wood I pulled out of a dumpster.  Here you can see the fringe surrounding the table (made from Dunkin Donuts coffee bags inside out and edged with left over bits of fringe from various projects over the last five years).

A pull-toy dog with his nose chewed off, a Grace keychain, part of a map of the world, and one side of the Great Pacific Garbage Dump.

The other side of the Great Pacific Garbage Dump.  The fishing line is a glob of it I picked up while walking the dogs at the Ohio River a few months ago.

The Temple Guardians were given to me by a friend nine years ago and have done good service heretonow.  They are attached to the table using old tubing from my C-PAP machine.

Bits and pieces are glued all over, including a turquoise Barbie shoe at one of the guardian's right ear.

The best view I could get.  The group of primary-colored crates behind were a machine or monster (or, if you're living in the eighteenth century, both machine and monster).  The piece is about 5 feet tall, 6 feet long, and 2 feet deep.

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