September 26, 2010

Red-baiting, circa 2002-2006 - The Boston Globe

Red-baiting, circa 2002-2006 - The Boston Globe

Here is a more extendsive report, published in the Boston Globe, about the investigations of Greenpeace, The Thomas Merton Center, et al.

The justification is that the FBI was not intending to interfere with anybody's First Amendment rights.

News flash. Intention is not the point. Not a single person who smashed their infant children's brains out against a wall intended to kill the baby.  It was just incidental to another action.

Does the F-ing BI think the Baby Boomers are dead, or merely senile? We had enough civil rights taken away under the Bushes' presidencies (which was your own damned fault, people; what drugs were you people on when you voted for the man who directed the CIA, epicenter of clandestine activities including killing and selling weapons and making up "law" and bringing to power some of the most egregiously evil people now in charge in smaller countries?).

And now if my haphazard reading is any indication, both the CIA and the FBI are the handmaidens of Homeland Security, which brings images to mind of goose-stepping and black boots as few other terms can do.

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