September 25, 2010

Middle Bass, 1973

I don't remember my hair EVER being that long, and it can only have been the weight of it pulling it straight; because it's always been curly.  The photo is from the summer of 1973.  I'm holding Jennifer, and my mother is holding Tara.  I'm wearing an outfit the girls' dad bought for me about a month after Jenn was born, and I had hysterics because it was my size but I still couldn't get into it.  (I'm thinking it was post-pregnancy hormonal lunacy.)  I loved the outfit; you can't see, but the navy blue top has white top-stitching; and it was the height of double knit cool.

We are sitting at Lonz's Dock and in the background is the main dock, which is still used by Miller's Ferry and the Sonny S.  Looks like the water was high that year, doesn't it?  I remember Lonz's dock being built but not the year -- late 50s, most likely.  Now it's a few wooden beams sticking up out of the water and a bit of cement on the hillside.  Erosion inevitably wins.

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