August 23, 2010

What I won at the Kentucky State Fair

The distant view of my photo with the green Honorable Mention tag.  It's second up from the bottom on the left and shows up not at all in a pile of other photos.

Now you can see more clearly that it's a brand new grocery cart lying on its side in a creek -- Beargrass Creek in Louisville, where I've been taking photos for several years now, many of which feature trash.  No photo-sopping was involved with this photo, so it must have been the time of day making the creek appear so blue, because I've never seen it that color.

I've been saying that I've never won a ribbon before, but I don't know if that's accurate.  I've had two pieces of art, both collages, both textile, win prizes in competitions.  The first was in an art show at the Duke University Divinity School, where I think I won third prize; and the other was in the annual Spartanburg Sidewalk Art Sale, where art is hung on the gates surrounding Converse College.  That time I won second place and also a check -- I think it was 2001.  But did I get ribbons, and if so where are they now?

I suppose I'll have to clean out the file cabinets to learn the answer.


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

There's just nothing in the world like winning a ribbon! I like the green, too, but basically a ribbon could be any color and I would love it. Here's a link to my first (two) ribbons ever. When the judge forgot to give it to us -- accidentally -- I began to cry. But then we got it, whew. It didn't matter to me a whit that everyone in the whole show received those same two ribbons.

Mary said...

How did I just now find this comment? Mmm, August was a yucky month. But I totally agree with you about ribbons; and your crying was justified. Do you get trophies for boxing? I would like to win a trophy.