June 11, 2010

Mud Puppies and Print Making

I'd never done print-making until yesterday, but after a two-hour class yesterday, I'm addicted. The sun is from a stencil rather than my own invention, but the shape on the left is all my own.  I seem to have unintentionally created one of those Lake Erie mud puppies, notorious for appearing at the end of the hook while ice fishing.

And here's the carved block:

The free class was put on at Norton Suburban Hospital  -- just one more fringe benefit of having breast cancer.


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Hoo-rah for printmaking! What were you carving on?

I remember mud puppies -- they are the brown slidey critters I saw in the aquarium. I remember them not because they looked so handsome but because they have an awesome name. Mud Puppies. I had no idea one caught them like fish. (Does one eat them?)

Mary said...

No, Lisa, one does not eat mud puppies. They're quite slimy looking. I only ever saw them while ice fishing; and they are not handsome. They look like a little like half-rotted beef liver with limbs, wiggling.

I was carving on some soft stuff from Dick Blick.