June 9, 2010

BP “Slick”

Pointless Planet has posted great photos from the Gulf of Mexico, with a running commentary that's hilarious except for the part about the Gulf being destroyed.

I'm going to pretend that the oil they were pumping when the explosion occurred wasn't coming to the United States.  It was going somewhere far away and so we personally -- Americans, that is -- have clean hands in this whole deal. 

BP “Slick”

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Wissy said...

Hi Mary,

Always read and look forward to your blogs. On the Gulf of Mexico oil leakage question i just thought that i would give you a reaction from the British perspective as i sense you have an educated open mind about these things.

Firstly, i am appalled about what has happened and am devestated about the impact ,environmentally and financially to the region and residents. This will be redressed by BP - no question.

However, the anti-British rhetoric coming out of the USA by the media, politicians and the openly anti-British President Obama is quite alarming. BP is an international company about 40% American owned. The well was drilled by an American company. American public opinion seems to forget or is unaware of this.

The venomous attack on Tony Heyward by the politicians on Capital Hill yesterday was like a baying crowd wanting blood. I am surprised that they didn't take him outside and lynch the man.

Crushing BP as so many want will affect every British and American who has a pension fund as all large fund managers invest in BP. It would also be a global catastrophe of gigantic consequences.