June 8, 2010

Go Ahead. Make My Day.

I just had a wrong-number phone call.  My cell phone retains a South Carolina area code because when I moved to Kentucky rates varied for in-state and out-of-state calls; and I wanted to keep life simple for my friends.  Rates have changed; and now I hang on to the old number simply because I'm not willing to make the effort to change it.  Besides, it's mine; and you can't have it.

Back to the wrong number.  I didn't recognize it; and I knew from the young male heavily accented voice that the person on the other end wasn't trying to contact me.  I cheerfully told him so and explained that I know it to be true because I live in Kentucky.

He allowed as how he'd certainly been the one to dial the wrong number, and he apologized, and then he said (I swear to God he said it; I'm not making it up), "You do sound bitchin', though."

I replied, gleefully, "I'm going to tell all my friends you said so."

We parted with warm wishes.

While as a feminist I work (with difficulty at times) to avoid words that reflect negatively on women,I gotta tell ya':  after the six months I've had, being told I sound bitchin' is enough to set me humming for the rest of the day.

Thanks, pal, whoever you are.

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