March 20, 2010

Then again maybe there's another explanation -- edited

Perhaps I'm snively today because a friend mentioned she has a pair of red boots that are really hot, and I suggested she loan them to a poor aggrieved soul with [in a hushed e-mail tone] cancer, and my friend said, "I love you very much but you can't have my boots."

Maybe if I let her borrow my black high-heeled Harley boots with the red leather flames going up the sides?

Anyhow, after my last post, Koko, my compadre, and I took one of my new hats for a walk.

Worst photo ever taken of Koko and me together.  I was reaching to pull down a coming-into-bloom magnolia blossom and, as is self-evident, Koko is working on his yoga poses -- specifically, downward dog.

----- Jennifer texted me Monday morning for this photo. Spoken by Koko:  "Hey, does her hat make my butt look big?"

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