January 21, 2010

Tidza Snowman

Tidza Snowman
Originally uploaded by danja.

My cousin Danny was home in England over the holidays and took this photo of a snowman in Market Square, Tideswell, land of the Cartledge-Gregory dynasty.

We had some snowmen around here a few weeks ago, but the tallest I saw was only about a foot high, and I had to drag Koko away quickly before he swiped the snowman's nose/carrot.


A J Buttle said...

must get a digital camera. Went on the moors and the drifts were enormous.

Wissy said...

Mary,have you seen the "snow car" i discovered on one of my walks near my home?


Mary said...

Yes, please, get a camera. We need to see the moors. And, Wissy, the snow Mini is charming. Y'all go look; Wissy posted the photo on January 11.