January 23, 2010

Almost too pretty for words

A few weeks ago I took Shutterfly up on their offer to make me a free 8 x 8 inch book using my photos. The book arrived this afternoon, and and it's gorgeous, in spite of my having had a last-minute rush to meet the freebie deadline.

Three hours before the offer expired, I switched from a book of Koko photos (which I'd spent two days loading and rearranging -- and for which I'd written text) to a book of nature photographs my compadre and I have taken.

I'm crazy about the results.  Next time I'll add text and think through the organization a bit more clearly, but I'm now a Shutterfly fan.  They also offer free blogs.  Not that I need another one.  I'm just saying.

Next I may put together a book of Middle Bass photos using the pictures I took on my summer 2008 trip.  The new marina was under construction, and I didn't manage to get a photo of a Lake Erie water snake, which I think is essential to the project, but I have a series of photos I like very well.  Good plan!

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