January 28, 2010

Things to do and done

I'm just in from a stroll with Koko, who wasn't straining at the leash this morning.  We walked for two hours yesterday afternoon, so now he's taking a rest day.  We did a huge circuit through the park, up to the shopping center, across the street, down to the creek, back up toward the mall, a right turn at the stop sign, a wander through some apartment complexes, and finally back home.  The weather was ideal -- brisk and sunny.

I'm now making the day's to do list, which involves mailing -- postcards to Australia, Italy, Finland, and the Czech Republic, bills, maybe even my Christmas/Martin Luther King, Jr. Day letters -- and mopping and perhaps a trip out to get my hair shortened a bit and layered. I'm bored with it as is.

Meanwhile, I bought the most darling sweater yesterday.  It's cardigan style of the same dark green that used to be in camouflage and has narrow sleeves with big floppy three-pointed cuffs that reflect the points on the wide shawl collar. The feel is romantic.  I'm wearing it with an eggshell turtleneck, except it's a moderately plunging cowl rather than a turtle.

My friend Jim is still in the hospital.  Day before yesterday they thought he'd go home yesterday.  Today they're discussing the implantation of a fancy pacemaker.  God knows we wouldn't want him using a plain model. The more sophisticated the medical problem, the less straightforward the treatment.  Often, the path to the solution is a crooked and wandering trail.  Meanwhile, Jim is up and walking inside and outside of the hospital, and his shortness of breath has abated.

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