January 27, 2010

Text Messages: a memoir

You know how you save some text messages on your cell phone because you don't want to part with them?  And after a while they pile up and every time you get a new text message you also get a message saying your memory is full and you have to delete something?  Well, I've been playing that game for over a year, and I'm tired of it, so here below you'll find the high points of my life since December 2007.

Dec. 8, 2007. From Jennifer: My table is 6.5 x 3.5 with leaf.  5 x 3.5 without. [She'd just bought a new dining room table, and I needed the size so I could make a table runner for her. It's almost finished.  Kind of.

Dec. 24, 2007.  From Jennifer: The boys get their cell phones in the morning.

Jan 1, 2008. 4:15 a. m.  From Devin:  Happy new year

Jan. 20, 2008. From Bradley:  Thank you.  I love you.

For a reason now forgotten, Jennifer and I got into a text conversation about the trip we took as a family to the beach in July 2000 following my husband's death in April of that year. I erased my messages but kept hers.

Jan. 20  From Jennifer: I'd forgotten that.  I remember the family meetings every night with flashlights
                     --And losing Larry (her Chihuahua). Mary piled up in bed, me having to drive her tank of a vehicle, today presents from the consignment shop, the best dinner table in the world, and laughing so much.
                    --My most favorite vacation ever!
                    --Making pillows, McDonalds, FIRE, the awful storm, midnight walk on beach with my sweet mama [that's me], star fish and sand dollars, bobo brand everything from grocery
                     --store.  So many great memories.
                     --You and Mary went somewhere every day usually for a few hours. (REDACTED.)

March 16.  From Jennifer:  I measured Devin on March 1 and he was 5' 8".  Looked at him yesterday and said You've gotten taller.  Measured him this morn and he's 5' 10".

June 7.  From my compadre:  Praise the Lord and pass the plate.  [I was in Winterville, North Carolina, for  Bradley's graduation from high school and had just texted him that we'd successfully gotten the boy through it.]

June 25.  (REDACTED.)

June 26. From Jennifer:  But I call you a nerd with love in my heart.

July 7.  REDACTED.

September 19  REDACTED.

November 6, 2008.  From Jennifer:  North Carolina just called -- Obama won NC!  We're a blue state!  It's a beautiful day!

July 14, 2009.  REDACTED

Jan. 9, 2010.  REDACTED
          Mary Flowers, I learned only recently, won the South Carolina state spelling bee when she was in grade school.]  [And while we're on the topic of spelling, may I point out that the Christmas Day underpants bomber was able to get on that plane because of spelling errors. SO THERE:  it DOES count.

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