October 12, 2009

The psychotic cat quilt

I was going to make a 30s quilt, but after a year I had only gathered 3 pieces of fabric because, it appears, I don't like those quilts. Then two weeks ago I was in a quilt shop and noticed in a pack of scraps a bit of fabric -- 10 inches square perhaps -- picturing psychotic cats. It looked perfect for basing a quilt upon, so I brought it home, gathered up all of my hot pinks and weird greens, and started sewing.

The quilt included the psychotic cats, a donkey with buck teeth, a horsie that looks like a horse I know named JT, shoes out the wazoo (because Aunt Amy loved shoes), hearts, flowers, girl on horseback...
The top left corner and bottom right corner are pinwheel patches, because they're my favorites.

And here are the psychotic cats for your viewing pleasure. Click for a closer look.

And, finally, the official tester, Koko, makes sure each quilt reaches our high quality standard. Then I pop them into the washing machine. After stitching up any seams that come loose in the wash, the quilt is ready to go.

The psychotic kitties' designer must be delighted, because her cats (part of a Halloween line) are out of stock all over the country. I found a fat quarter of them with an orange background Saturday, but if it had been green I'd have bought several yards. Some fabrics you need a lot of.

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