October 15, 2009

Down by the Riverside -- yesteryear

Concrete, rebar, and more. This area, once --what? docks? a sidewalk? a boat ramp? -- is just east of the current boat ramp on the south side of the Ohio River

Shades of Halloween. This looks like two fingers reaching up out of a grave.

From an other angle, the piece of steel on the right resembles a gentleman willing to tip his hat.

Is it comforting or simply stupid old hubris showing up again that makes us happy to see evidence of our earlier passing?

Really a gorgeous afternoon. Koko and I were out four hours or so, and everything we saw was a wonder. Favorite moment: I'm sitting down, kicked back, thinking not much of anything, camera in lap, when Koko lept up and charged toward the water. I reined him in at the edge, at which time I sorted out that I still had his leash in one hand and the camera in the other. And what brought on his excitement? The lapping of a few small waves against the concrete of the boat ramp. I suspect he thought the sudden movement was chipmunks.
By the way, we've had an abundance of chipmunks this summer and early fall, but help is on the way. When I walked out with Koko this morning, a young hawk took off from its perch on top of an SUV. Sorry I made him miss his breakfast.

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