October 14, 2009

Down by the Riverside -- Koko meets the Ohio

He'd never seen anything quite like it before, and his curiosity was in overdrive.He wanted to be right at the river's edge. Does not care to get his paws wet. Does not care to get into the water. Very much cares to see and smell everything.
Koko tried to make a new friend, but I yanked his leash just as his mouth was fastening around this fella. Resident genius says it's a snapping turtle. It's not easy to hold an eager dog still and focus at the same time. But I like the textures of fur and shell and the humor of it all. A little less glare would have been nice, but what could I expect at mid-afternoon?

Not Koko, but I'm quite fond of this shot:
Again with the glare, but I love seeing his whiskers back lit and the way the water gets flipped behind his paw. The nuances of movement the camera can see that I can't.

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