September 1, 2009

Happy almost birthday to me!

I am totally pumped about my birthday tomorrow!-so much so that I wrote an essay about it for this month's Today's Woman. This issue's topic is the inside scoop, so you need to be scooping up your free copy as soon as possible from Kroger's, hospitals, Whole Foods, or any of the other Louisville locations.

The image is by the brilliant artist/illustrator Silvia Habib, who lives in Israel. She's taken off on my comment that when I was in my early 20s I read in a woman's magazine that after age 25 women are too old to wear long hair. TOO OLD at 25!! How dumb was that? And how young must we have been to believe them? Luckily, we've outgrown such foolishness, knowing too well that the state of the union (personal, professional, and federal) is far more important than any hairstyle.

Which is not to say that it's time for a return to the beehive, although you must admit many of us looked quite attractive with the added height.

In any case, I zipped off to Kroger's first thing this morning for dishwasher detergent (we ran out 3 days ago) and regaled the check-out counter folks with my birthday news. They insisted -- and continued insisting until I broke down and followed their pointing fingers -- that I display my driver's license at the customer service counter and thus qualify for a 10% discount tomorrow and once a month from now on. Good-oh! And then as I headed out the door I encountered the new Today's Woman. As always, I stood in front of the display case and read my piece, chortling softly to myself. It is EXACTLY the kind of humorous, informative, compelling, and plain old fun piece that I dreamed of some day being able to write-- the kind that wanders from a psychiatrist's office through a toddler's birthday fears to blue lights flashing in my car window to the words of Dame Margaret Drabble, who said, "When nothing is certain, everything is possible."

Right this minute, at the intersection where I rev up from 59 to 60, everything is indeed possible! Cake photos coming up tomorrow.


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

I so enjoyed your article that I got up and did a little hopping dance behind my desk. I took off my sandals and spun so that my long, full skirt would fly out. It looked marvelous, and I did it in your honor, for your birthday and because of the fact that we're friends and periodically my name turns up in something lovely that you create.

God, you're gonna be cleaning glitter out of the carpet for ages. Wait! No you're not!

Happy Birthday Darling!!

Mary said...

Swirl on, girlfriend, and hop all you want. Everything is new, again.

Lauren said...

Now that 9/2 has arrived... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!